Legal Consultants


A legal consultant is a vital resource to even the most sophisticated, "best-in-class" in-house legal departments - experienced legal consultants can bring management expertise, propriety industry knowledge, insights into best-in-class practices, and an objective viewpoint.

Effective legal consultants take a "holistic" and "360-degree" approach to identifying and implementing significant and impactful ways to leverage people, processes, and technology. Typical engagements help in-house clients improve effectiveness and reduce legal spending by 5-20% on average.

Our legal consulting approach always begins with a diagnostic.  We assess the current organization and how that organization might be optimized to further support the business goals. We look at how both structure, processes, and people contribute to the department's effectiveness and recommend alternative approaches when warranted.



Civil & Litigation Law




Civil Law refers to private rights and remedies and governs disputes which are distinct from those under criminal or public law.  When our efforts on behalf of clients to uphold their rights through Legal notices and out-of-court negotiations for amicable settlement fail, our well-equipped civil litigation lawyers with their wealth of competence and experience in Arabic Courts, manage and conduct the client’s civil litigations in UAE Courts.

We handle all sorts of Civil Litigation including suits for compensation, consumer disputes, debt collection/recovery and breach of contract, insurance claims (motor, fire, life, and industrial insurance), and litigation arising out of commercial disputes.


Criminal Law



Crime is an illegal act for which a punishment is prescribed by the law. Criminal acts/crimes are defined in various statutes and are prohibited. In UAE, Federal Law No (3) of 1987- Penal Code, is the main statute on crimes that defines various crimes and prescribes punishments for convicts. The Law is mainly based on the fundamentals of Islamic Sharia. There are also Special Laws such as Federal Decree No 5 of 2012 – Cybercrime law, dealing with crimes related to particular Subjects.

  A person convicted of a crime is entitled to be defended by a lawyer of his choice and it is considered a basic human right. We ardently believe in the following very fundamental legal principles,

No one should be condemned without hearing,  Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty;  Every accused has a right to a fair trial.

We provide confidential consultation for the accused and for his family or close friends. We have in our team licensed lawyers specialized in Criminal Law well versed and up-to-date in Criminal Law procedures and Practice. They would interact with the accused or the concerned and effectively represent and mould the best possible legal defences for persons accused of having committed a crime. We ensure that our clients are represented fairly, legally, and fully throughout the entire criminal justice process during an investigation, trial, final hearing, and verdict and in the appellate stages when required.


Family Law



The most significant law regarding family matters in the UAE is Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (Personal Status Law). It mainly covers divorce, alimony, child custody, guardianship, maintenance of children, etc.

The practise of family law tends to centre around the major topics of divorce, child custody, domestic violence, property, and prenuptial agreements. However, the nature of the practice means a thoughtful, experienced approach is often needed for the best effect.

In family law matters, we negotiate for amicable settlement when possible but are always ready and willing to take legal recourse before the court of law and fight hard for upholding or defending the rights of our clients.  We always keep our clients' interests at the forefront of our case management.

We provide first-class family legal expertise via our knowledgeable team of family lawyers. In all cases, we strive to minimize stress and anxiety by our efficient and friendly approach. It is this reason why our clients trust us to deliver the right legal guidance and support, on time, every time.