Cheque Case in UAE?

Cheque Bounce in UAE
21 January 2024 by
Research Team

Decriminalisation and repealing the criminal provisions from the UAE penal code have really strengthened the cheque-bouncing situation in the UAE. Now we need not file a Civil Suit, pay proportionate court free and long waiting for the final judgement after the first court, appeal court and supreme court, then for execution; during this period the other party will be free to leave the country and the travel ban could be brought only after all those judgements. Now the cheque holder can directly file the execution case and bring a travel ban immediately without filing civil lawsuits and the debtor cannot leave the country without making payments. If the cheque is issued by a business concern, a travel ban can be brought on the signatory of the cheque and the assets of the company can be attached. The bank accounts of the company also can be blocked. The company and the signatory are jointly and severally liable to pay.