Everything you need to know about Intelaq License

Intelaq is a license provided to Emiratis and other GCC nationals living in Dubai, to run small-scale businesses from their homes.  These licenses are issued only to those businesses founded in Dubai. A minimal fee of AED 1,050 will be charged for issuing and renewing the license yearly. Currently, there are over 1,700 active Intelaq licenses in Dubai, that includes consultancy, fashion, and events.

Mandatory Criteria to comply with an Intelaq license

1. The businesses can have only one trade or professional Intelaq license, but it is permitted to operate more than one activity, as long as the business is related to the nature of the company.

2. Hiring staff to operate the day-to-day business activities is not allowed, whereas the services of the contractors can be bought if required.

3. There must be no ecological harm, health hazard or noise that may cause disturbance to neighbours.

4. License holders are permitted to carry out 19 food trade activities like dates, food and beverages, baby food, snacks, dairy products, sugar, tea, coffee, canned and preserved foods, nuts, salt, mineral water, drinks, juices, ice, spices, bread and bakery products, sweets and chocolate, and honey and bee products.

5. An applicant cannot have more than two Intelaq licenses.

6. Seven other food preparation activities like cover candies and confectionary; pies and pastries; desserts and traditional sweets; juice, as well as selling snacks, sandwiches, and ice cream are also included.

7. Registration with federal ZAD portal is mandatory before importing the food products handled under this license.

8. Food related Intelaq licenses are issued for a period of five years that has to be renewed on a yearly basis.

9. It is mandatory to convert the license to a commercial license at the end of the fifth year.

Requirements for food preparation activity

1. A designated kitchen outside the home with an entrance from outside is mandatory.

2. Licensing restrictions prohibit licensees from performing activities outside the scope of their license  

3. There must be a clear schedule detailing when customers will be able to access the kitchen.

4. The project site is must be open to authorized employees of Dubai SME, Dubai Economy, and Dubai Municipality for inspection and document verification purposes.

Requirement for food Trading activities

1. Residences may be considered as management offices only, such as for the export and distribution of food.

2. No other activity like storage, repackaging, quality control related activities, etc. from home will be allowed

3. All foodstuffs handled must come from approved sources and must meet safety and nutrition standards.

4. A warehouse must be provided for inspections postponed and a financial deposit of AED 15,000 made when using the Food Import Re-Export System (FIRS). 

5. Storage and repackaging should be handled by a licensed and accredited facility in Dubai, as approved by the relevant food safety authority. 

6. The licensee must provide all information related to the activity, such as data from suppliers and distribution sites when needed

7. Any repackaged foodstuff should meet the labelling requirements.

8. Food stuff must be transported and delivered in accordance with Dubai Municipality's Food Safety Department procedures. 

9. It is mandatory to register the supplier's and service provider's details on the Food Watch Platform.

Documents Required to Apply for Intelaq License

1. Copy of the passport

2. Copy of the Lease Contract/ Premises Map/ Premises Ownership Deed

3. Copy of national ID card

4. NOC from the Lessor/ the Landlord.

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