Why a legal company is best for your company registration in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai is no doubt considered as one of the primary hubs for businesses around the world now. Regardless of the nature and the size of the business you are looking into, this country has become a great spot with lots of opportunities to venture on.

While setting up a company can be one of the most self-determining and exciting decisions a person can make throughout his life, the independence of having to make this decision has lots of risks and consequences one has to prepare for. Setting up a business itself involves several legal processes and documentation. The involvement of different government agencies and third parties is required to ensure that the company will start and operate as per law.

The journey of setting up a business in Dubai is not hassle-free, so on every step, you need someone to facilitate you through the process. Guidance should be taken from a professional who understands setting up a business better than you. This is when a legal company that has extensive knowledge in local jurisdictions and experience in setting up business in Dubai is required.

Company incorporation is the process of establishing a new commercial entity. In most cases, this is a company intending to trade in a particular industry or sector. Companies have different responsibilities and legal statuses than individual traders. The company formation or registration procedures are different in the case of the business structures and their legal form. UAE law can also penalize company owners if incorporation is done incorrectly.

This is why it is important to hire a proven, experienced legal company to set up a new corporation. The benefits of this reduce the risk further down the line. The formalities of company incorporation mean that new entities have several requirements to deal with during their creation. 

A legal company’s business setup consultant can help with the following legal activities in setting up your business:

  • Explains the different business types and helps you determine which suits you best

  • Can guide in the preparation, review & negotiation of contracts, business forms, and other legal documents

  • Assistance in performing legal processes like registrations, licenses, and permits so you can focus on the other important business aspects

  • Advice on shareholder responsibilities and distribution of shares

  • Guides you to all your tax-related as well employment matters

  • Clear legal advice on trademarks and patents since new company names must not infringe on trademarks, patents, or intellectual property of other businesses 

  • Ensures minimum liability and risk to owners

Concept Advocates & Business Consultants business setup 

Our legal advice on company formation starts with understanding our clients’ objectives leading to tracing a viable and compliant route to create a structure that fulfills them. Our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and the continuously changing foreign investment laws, backed by strong relationships with the authorities and government bodies, allow us to devise strategic optimal structures for our clients.

We assist our clients in establishing various types of entities across the mainland, offshore, and free zone jurisdictions: 

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) 

  • Branch or representative office of a foreign company 

  • Foreign investment companies 

  • Commercial agency or distributor 

  • Professional service

This includes defining roles and responsibilities through Memorandum and Articles of Association, shareholder agreements, and board and shareholders resolutions.

At Concept Advocates & Business Consultants, we operate a fully equipped company incorporation service for business clients. This includes access to the latest legal advice on the business setup process, helpful marketing advice, contract drafting, and more. We can cater to Mainland, Free zone, and offshore company incorporation.

As a law firm with vast experience in commercial law, we can be trusted to provide advice and support for all our business clients. We follow a friendly, professional approach and take time to listen to individual requirements. This is just one reason why we are highly rated in Dubai for company incorporation services.

For more information on the new company setup, or about a business legal matter, please telephone us on + 971 4 353 0020, +971 52 454 2020, +971 4 220 00030. You may also drop an email to; mail@conceptadvocates.com